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I bought this set of six souvenir handkerchiefs in my local antique store and immediately knew what to do with them.  Our family actually spent a year in England in 1985, which at the time, included two young children.  These sayings were usually said in a whinny voice (from the kids) and in alarm (the adults) and were the only constant we could count on when traveling.  The hankies were already embroidered with the local Cambridge attractions.  I added the text.


Are we there yet?                       Church of the Holy Sepulchre           

I’m tired.                                      The Bridge of Sighs, St. John’s College           

I’m thirsty.                                   King’s College Chapel           

Don’t touch that!                        Tower at St. John’s College           

I need to pee.                             Trinity Fountain           

I wanna go home.                      Trinity College Bridge/River Cam



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