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This was my first studio and press -- in my garage in Palo Alto, California -- in 1975. The press is a Fuchs and Lang and was one of the earliest lithographic presses produced in the nineteenth century. The cast iron frame and cherry wood bed are the original materials. In order to use it, I disassembled the entire frame, cleaned and sanded it, and put on a sealer coat. I sanded and leveled the wood bed. A galvanized steel cap was added. I also extended the handle (so my knuckles wouldn't get scraped) and added a rack over the back of the frame for storage.

Today I use a Takach-Garfield electric lithographic press, with a 56” x 32” bed.  It was produced in January 1978, upon my order, and was the sixth press made at that company.  Decades later, I am still thrilled to have that wonderful piece of machinery in my studio.

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