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The image of the seated woman, a traditional storyteller, is a printed lithograph in black ink upon which I draw “the story”, in color.  The idea comes from my memories of bringing my children to the library for “story hour” – that magical time when kids slump on the floor entranced by a librarian, usually a woman, spinning tales of mystery and wonder.  This series was a perfect marriage of my separate mediums of printmaking and drawing.  I could use the repeat image of the seated woman (prints are multiples) to start each drawing and then add the story to change content.  I printed the lithograph in 1993, and added drawings to two of them that year.  I then went on to do other projects, tucking away the images to think about them in a different way.  Several years later, I developed other stories.  I still have more impressions that await completion.  I savor the idea that these stories develop over time, as I mature. 

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